Here's what I expect from season 2

Starting with how Season 1 ended, I think it's pretty obvious they are going to draw a love triangle between Natalie, Halstead and Clarke. I was really hoping the two would find a way towards the end to be together. However, in a way, it does make sense that they didn't make it happen. Not only was Natalie's sotry way too recent and referred to throughout the season, it was also more of a introductory season. So I guess Season 2 will mark the begining of the "action". I'm really pleased they brought Jeff's character back! Loved him as a firefighter can't to see him on this side of the action now. I reckon we will continue to see pops of Helen along with her son Owen. So cute! It will be interesting to see if the show decides to put her in a realtionship that fails closer to the end of the season or the end of her fellowship to have as a cliffhanger her decision of leaving to Seattle. Or maybe put her in a relationship that ultimately succeeds or maybe just in a failed relationship but with Seattle on her past and not even referred to. 
I'm really rooting for a Connor and Reese romance. I don't know why, I would love to see them continuing developing their friendship and make it into something else. Maybe I'm crazy, but it does sound interesting :p I'm guessing they will find a way to keep Reese at the Hospital, without having to be forced to pursue pathology. Furthermore, his relationship with Sam is basically old news now... nothing interesting or worth pursuing. Unless they do something about it to make it more appealing.  
I'm super curious about the real story behind Connor's mother's death. I expect the show to shine some light into that past. During season 1 a lot was explored about his past but after hinting there might be more I expect them to give us something. Maybe this will be a shocker... maybe nothing special. Still, I want to know. 
Choi is still dealing with his PTSD. Really hope he is better throughout season 2, so his story can have a little breather and be more positive! His bird friend is so freaking cute. Their friendship seems to be a match made in heaven. I love his character. Love seeing him with Vicky and overcoming his problems. 
April's health! I mean... They went really fast with her storyline. First, Tate asks her to marry him and asks her to leave her job, then we find out she has tuberculosis! What the hellllll... Seriously hope they calm things down with her. Killing off a character this early in the game is not good. Even though we know they will do it if they have to or need to shake things up a little (like Leslie Shay... Still cry over that one.) Although, I admit it's a good cliffhanger. A lot of people fell in love with her character so she might be the one more people get afected by if something happens to, thus will come back to find out what really happened. 
I wonder how stabble Sharon will be after her personal life was so afected by her husband leaving. Adding to this, I also wonder what news will shake Dr. Charles world. It's been hinted that something interesting will happen with his character, let's see... 
What do you think?