April Sexton
April Sexton Season 3
Full Name
April Sexton
Emergency Department Nurse at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center
Marital Status
In a realtionship
Mr. Sexton (father)
Mrs. Sexton (mother)
Noah Sexton (brother)
Unnamed / Miscarried †
(unborn child with Tate)
Kelly Severide (childhood friend/fling)
Tate Jenkins (ex-fiance)
Ethan Choi (boyfriend)
1, 2, 3
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
41 episodes (see below)
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April Sexton is a nurse at the Chicago Med ED.


Her parents are Brazilian immigrants, who always defended that her brother should be the one becoming a doctor. April sacrificed her career choice to make that happen. She was raised Catholic and admired St. Francis.

April appears in ten episodes of Chicago Fire, albeit she is only credited for eight, including the backdoor Pilot. Where, before she sorted things out with her old school friend and brief love interest Severide, she decided to go on an adventure around the world.

Her first appearance in Chicago Fire was episode 3x17, when their mutual friend joined Squad 3 and shares with Severide that April is working at Chicago Med. He decides to surprise her by showing up and invites her to Molly's. That's when he finds out April has unfinished business with him. Later on, he decides to show up again and shows her the Eminem concert tickets he kept all those years, though it is still not enough. So, Scott, (their mutual friend) invites April for breakfast, to her surprise Kelly is also there.

Season One

Season Two

Love Hurts

April and Ethan kiss.

Seasons Three

Speak Your Truth

April and Ethan are officially a couple, but she wants to keep their romance on the down-low, especially since another nurse is already complaining about favoritism on Ethan's part.


Season 1 Appearances


















Season 2 Appearances
"Soul Care"

"Win Loss"

"Natural History"

"Brother's Keeper"

"Extreme Measures"

"Alternative Medicine"

"Inherent Bias"

"Free Will"

"Uncharted Territory"

"Heart Matters"

"Graveyard Shift"

"Mirror Mirror"

"Theseus' Ship"

"Cold Front"

"Lose Yourself"

"Prisoner's Dilemma"

"Monday Mourning"

"Lesson Learned"

"Ctrl Alt"

"Generation Gap"

"Deliver Us"

"White Butterflies"

"Love Hurts"

Appearances in Chicago Fire

Episode Name Number Release Date
Forgive You Anything 3x17 Mar 10, 2015
Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional 3x18 Mar 17, 2015
I Am the Apocalypse 3x19 Apr 7, 2015
You Know Where To Find Me 3x20 Apr 21, 2015
A Taste Of Panama City 4x2 Oct 20, 2015
Regarding This Wedding 4x5 Nov 20, 2015
The Beating Heart 4x10 Jan 5, 2016
On The Warpath 4x18 Apr 5, 2016