Ethan Choi
Ethan Choi Season 3
Full Name
Third-Year Emergency Medicine Resident with an Expertise in Infectious Diseases at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center
Navy Flight Surgeon in the United States Naval Reserves (Formerly)
Marital Status
Mr. Choi (father)
Emily Choi (sister)
Unnamed (unborn niece/nephew)
Vicky Glass (ex-girlfriend)
April Sexton (girlfriend)
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61 episodes (see below)
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Ethan Choi USNR, is an emergency room third-year resident with an expertise in infectious diseases. He just returned stateside after serving on the USS Carl Vinson as a medical officer.


Ethan is the son of a Navy veteran and has a younger sister, Emily. Ethan later followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Navy as a medic. While on duty during his time in the military, he and his team set up a medical aid camp. A woman then walked for miles to bring her three-year old daughter to them. He said that even though the girl had no scratches or injuries, she had died from explosion waves that ruptured her lungs.

Season One



Ethan decides to force deliver a placenta stating that he had done it before, as OB service was busy. However, the procedure isn't well done and the 14 year old girl is left with almost having to go through a hysterectomy. He felt guilty about what happened, specially considering he judged the girl for abandoning the baby. He later tries to help the girl and she runs away from the Hospital. The morality of the situation arises discussions between him, Dr. Manning and Dr. Rhodes.

Season Two

Love Hurts

Ethan and April kiss for the first time.

Season Three

Speak Your Truth

Ethan and April are officially a couple, but she wants to keep their romance on the down-low, especially since another nurse is already complaining about favoritism on Ethan's part.


  • (to Sarah):"We rise or fall together."


  • Dr. Choi has the blood type O-.


Season 1 Appearances


















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"Love Hurts"

Season 3 Appearances
"Speak Your Truth"

"Nothing to Fear"

"Trust Your Gut"

"Naughty or Nice"

"Mountains And Molehills"

"Ties That Bind"

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