Noah Sexton
Full Name
Noah Sexton
First-Year Emergency Medicine Resident at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center
Marital Status
Mr. Sexton (father)
Mrs. Sexton (mother)
April Sexton (sister)
Unnamed † (unborn niece/nephew)
First seen
Last seen
"Love Hurts"
Appeared in
15 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by
Roland Buck III

Noah Sexton is a Medical student. He is nurse April Sexton's younger brother.


It's clear Noah was protected by his family all his life. He struggled through medical school, but with the help of his talented sister he made it through. April is a really intelligent woman who never had the chance to pursue medical aspirations since their parents always defended that Noah, the son, should be the doctor. Thus it's apparent Noah is only a Doctor per his parents wishes and status instead of talent or will.

His parents are Brazilian immigrants.

Season 1

His first appearance was 1x05. Noah freezes while assisting Dr. Choi with a GSW patient. He thinks Dr. Choi doesn't like him after that, so he takes credit for Reese's work to impress him. She won't tell on him if he makes it right. At the end of the episode April cancels her dinner plans with Firefighter Severide in order to help Noah study for his exams.


Season 1 Appearances
"Derailed" "iNo" "Fallback" "Mistaken" "Malignant"

"Bound" "Saints" "Reunion" "Choices" "Clarity"

"Guilty" "Us" "Hearts" "Inheritance"

"Disorder" "Withdrawal" "Timing"
Season 2 Appearances
"Soul Care"

"Win Loss" "Natural History" "Brother's Keeper" "Extreme Measures"

"Alternative Medicine" "Inherent Bias"

"Free Will"

"Uncharted Territory" "Heart Matters"
"Graveyard Shift" "Mirror Mirror" "Theseus' Ship" "Cold Front" "Lose Yourself"
"Prisoner's Dilemma" "Monday Mourning" "Lesson Learned" "Ctrl Alt" "Generation Gap"
"Deliver Us" "White Butterflies" "Love Hurts"

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