Season 3
Season 3

November 21, 2017 -
November 21, 2017
"Speak Your Truth"

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Season 3 of Chicago Med premiered on November 21, 2017 with the episode "Speak Your Truth". The season has 23 episodes.


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The show was renewed for a third season by the NBC on May 10, 2017.

Chicago Med returns for a third season on November 21, 2017. Law and Order: True Crime: The Menendez Murders, a new show by NBC, will premiere on September 26, 2017 and will run in the new Med time slot and Med will resume afterward. This may also shorten the season's number of episodes. However NBC has not confirmed details regarding the no. of episodes yet.

  • Timeslot: Tuesdays at 10 P.M.
  • Filming the primere episode of Season 3 began on July 19th, 2017 and is currently in production


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Chicago Med Season 3 Promo (HD)

Chicago Med Season 3 Promo (HD)

Chicago Med - Season 3 First Look (Sneak Peek 1)

Chicago Med - Season 3 First Look (Sneak Peek 1)


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Speak Your Truth 2 Speak Your Truth Diane Frolov,
Andrew Schneider,
Stephen Hootstein
& Danny Weiss
Michael Waxman November 21, 2017 #3x01
The Chicago Med team rush to save Charles' life, after he was shot. After a three month time jump, Dr. Reese and the other doctors try to bring justice to the perpetrator in the shooter, who is still alive, against Charles' wishes. Robin is finally discharged from the rehabilitation center, but Dr. Rhodes worries that her feelings towards him were because of her illness. While Maggie sticks up for a patient.

Nothing to Fear - April and Ethan Nothing to Fear Jeff Drayer
& Joseph Sousa
Charles S. Carroll November 28, 2017 #3x02
Dr. Manning goes to extremely measures to help a fearful pregnant woman whose baby is severely underdeveloped. April is angered by Dr. Choi when he uses their personal relationship as leverage to convince a patient of a risky procedure. As Dr. Rhodes attempts to balance his personal and professional life, it appears the stress of his current situation may have caused him to make a huge mistake. Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese continue to disagree about their psych patients.

Trust Your Gut 1 Trust Your Gut Eli Talbert
& Safura Fadavi
Mark Tinker December 5, 2017 #3x03
Goodwin receives financial complaints from the hospital board, causing headaches for the doctors when new guidelines are implemented. Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi can't figure out what is wrong with a young girl, leading them to look to a questionable source for answers. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese are surprised when they treat a man who has a peculiar theory about his sickness, while Dr. Rhodes continues to compete with Ava in the operating room.

Naughty or Nice 1 Naughty Or Nice Daniel Sinclair
& Danny Weiss
Daisy Von Scherler Mayer December 12, 2017 #3x04
Dr. Charles learns something concerning about the man who shot him. During a complicated surgery, Dr. Rhodes and Ava finally come to an agreement. Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning are trapped by legal ethics when an unfaithful husband refuses to tell his wife about his inconclusive Zika test. Meanwhile, Nurse Sexton and Dr. Choi discover working together isn't always easy. While Goodwin continues to argue with the board over hospital costs after an avoidable patient death.

Mountains And Molehills 4 Mountains And Molehills Stephen Hootstein
& Meridith Friedman
Michael Waxman January 2, 2018 #3x05
A young woman without insurance refuses to take a HIV test, Dr. Choi and Goodwin try to treat her without draining the hospital's resources. Meanwhile, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead attempt to diagnose a young girl with symptoms of increasing paralysis. Dr. Sexton experiences his first death as a resident. While, Dr. Reese continues to avoid work due to her increasing fears over the hospital's security.

Ties That Bind 1 Ties That Bind Diane Frolov,
Andrew Schneider,
Gabriel L. Feinberg
Valerie Weiss January 9, 2018 #3x06
Lockwood and Goodwin try and find a way to get more patients, while Dr. Halstead treats a young couple desperate to have a baby. Dr. Manning informs a woman she was sterilized without her knowledge. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi attempts to treat a man with no symptoms, as Dr. Reese's paranoia goes to the extreme when she uses pepper spray on an aggressive patient.

Over Troubled Water 1 Over Troubled Water Jeff Drayer
& Jason Cho
Leon Ichaso January 16, 2018 #3x07
Dr. Charles faces a tough decision when a patient gives birth to a baby addicted to heroin, but is put under pressure when Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi disagree with his medical decision. While, Dr. Rhodes comes to terms with his relationship issues.

Lemons and Lemonade 8 Lemons and Lemonade Eli Talbert
& Paul R. Puri
Jono Oliver January 23, 2018 #3x08
After a two-week suspension, Dr. Reese is immediately put to the test upon her return by Dr. Charles. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi struggles to treat a woman coping with anorexia. Dr. Rhodes takes a stand when one of his patients is forcibly transferred. While, Dr. Halstead is on a mission to get Dr. Manning's son to like him.

On Shaky Ground 5 On Shaky Ground February 6, 2018 #3x09
After discovering that a patient might have been abusive by their family, Dr. Choi and April contemplate calling child services. Dr. Reese joins Dr. Charles on a visit to the Cook County jail. Meanwhile, Dr. Rhodes preforms a risky surgery on Dr. Bekker's mentor and world renowned surgeon, Dr. Marvin Jaffrey. As, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead struggle to see eye to eye in dealing with their patient's, a premature baby, family.

[[Image:|150px]] Down By Law February 27, 2018 #3x10

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