"Ties That Bind"
Season 3, Episode 06
Ties That Bind 1
Air date January 9, 2018
Written by Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider & Gabriel L. Feinberg
Directed by Valerie Weiss
Episode Guide
"Mountains And Molehills"
"Over Troubled Water"

Ties That Bind is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Chicago Med.


Lockwood and Goodwin try and find a way to get more patients, while Dr. Halstead treats a young couple desperate to have a baby. Dr. Manning informs a woman she was sterilized without her knowledge. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi attempts to treat a man with no symptoms, as Dr. Reese's paranoia goes to the extreme when she uses pepper spray on an aggressive patient.

Gallery & Videos

Chicago Med 3x06 Promo "Ties That Bind"

Chicago Med 3x06 Promo "Ties That Bind"

Photo Source: NBC

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