"Trust Your Gut"
Season 3, Episode 03
Trust Your Gut 1
Air date December 5, 2017
Written by Eli Talbert & Safura Fadavi
Directed by Mark Tinker
Episode Guide
"Nothing to Fear"
"Naughty or Nice"

Trust Your Gut is the third episode of Season 3 of Chicago Med.


Goodwin receives financial complaints from the hospital board, causing headaches for the doctors when new guidelines are implemented. Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi can't figure out what is wrong with a young girl, leading them to look to a questionable source for answers. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese are surprised when they treat a man who has a peculiar theory about his sickness, while Dr. Rhodes continues to compete with Ava in the operating room.

Gallery & Videos

Chicago Med 3x03 Promo "Trust Your Gut"00:16

Chicago Med 3x03 Promo "Trust Your Gut"

Photo Source: NBC

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