Hello to you reading this! Welcome to Chicago Med Wiki!

I'm the new admin of this cozy corner on the internet. I'm a big fan of the show and like many fans out there I was browsing for more info on the episodes and such when I encountered this wiki. It was pretty much abandoned and neglected. So I started editing every day until I was happy with the results. After a while I realized there was a lot I couldn't do/ change withoud admin rights, so I decided to file an adoption request. Now that I have the rights a lot has been changed and organized. I've been pretty much the only one editing since I first got here. I'm really happy with how this is turning out. It is still a work in progress! If you are interested in editing something, please do! If you don't know how to or have doubts don't be afraid to leave me a message on my wall.

Feedback is welcome, but remember to be nice!

I promise that as Admin I will try my best to keep the website up to date with all Chicago Med news and information.

The main page has a "What's new?" section that features recent news about the show on the media. You can also check the latest airdates, which might help you never lose one episode. The links to the official website and social media are included as well.

Images, GIFS and videos are added frequently and accordingly. 

Episodes will be updated as they come out, so please be aware that spoilers will be featured. If you don't want to know what happened on the episode don't click on the link. 

Check out the #OneChicago space where all crossovers are listed. 

Don't forget to vote on the main page polls! 

Hope you enjoy this wiki! 

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